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organicArbor Doctor LLC is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and serves customers in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky suburbs. We offer Organic Deep Root Fertilization and Seasonal Foliar Nutrient Sprays. Unlike pesticides, our sprays are healthy for your plants. The nutrients thicken the cell walls to help the plants defend themselves from insect attacks and be as resistant as possible to disease.

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  • “Ron, this is outstanding. Exactly what I needed…thank you.”–Jeff, Hyde Park
  • “The consultation was well worth our money.” — Judy, Landen, Ohio area.
  • “Michael and Zach did a great job over here yesterday trimming up our trees and bushes. My wife is very happy with the way the yard is looking. Thank you. I hope you have a great and blessed day.” — Greg, Terrace Park, OH.
  • “Very professional.” Homeowner in Hamilton, OH.
  • On Snow removal: “They were very nice over the phone and showed up pretty quick with our next round of snow. Did a fantastic job!” — Lynda, Cincinnati, OH.

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I'll be making a visit to Mr. Wilson's neighborhood Saturday morning at 7:05 AM eastern on 55KRC and the iHeart radio network. http://www.ronwilsononline.com/onair/ron-wilson-20097/
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This evening I saw a person hosing down his landscape plants, including blooming daisies, with what smelled like malathion. One of the plants was a purple sand cherry which I assume had some Japanese beetles on it hence the perceived need to spray. However, this person was literally standing there emptying the entire hose end spray jar. Insecticides do not kill by drowning! This was a huge over application! Furthermore, spraying a blooming plant will kill beneficial pollinators and bees. Indiscriminate application of insecticides kills many beneficial insects. At Arbor Doctor, we strive to use the most sustainable, environmentally friendly methods possible. We don't always use pesticides, but when we do, it's with discretion.
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