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Arbor Doctor now offers an organic program that will minimize the use of insecticides and other pesticides. This proven approach seeks to offer the best benefit to you, the healthiest and greenest plants, and the safest approach for you and your family.
As with people, you have to treat diseases with the proper medicine. To do that you have to know two things: Your patient and the disease.

To blindly treat a tree without knowing what is wrong can only make things worse. Do you know what the tree is? What variety? What is normal for the plant?

It may not be sick after all, what you see may just be a part of its normal life cycle.
Now that you have decided that the tree is diseased, do you know what diseases are common (or not so common) for this species of tree?

Are you able to determine how healthy the tree appears, or able to determine proper surrounding conditions?
For instance, is it planted at the proper height, or is it set in the correct sun exposure?

We at Arbor Doctor have the experience and the knowledge to answer all the questions and give your tree the proper care.

Trees provide so many benefits that we either take for granted and just aren't aware of. The Tree Benefit Calculator allows you to calculate an approximation of the benefits your landscape trees can provide for your property. With minimal inputs of location, species and tree size, you can get an understanding of the environmental and economic value your trees provide on an annual basis.
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