A visit to the William and Mary dawn redwoods

I (Ron) got to visit the Virginia state champion dawn redwoods on the campus of the college of William and Mary. The trees are the twin conical trees on the horizon above the right stone pillar, rising above the horizon despite growing in a sunken area at the end of the green in the photo at this link>>>.  (Photos 1, 6, and 7 in the plant tour link all show the dawn redwoods). 

I had read references to these trees in Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape Plants but thought it far fetched to ask about them at the information desk. The girl there had never heard of them but she googled it and came up with the first image.  I immediately recognized the distinctive shape on the horizon and she told me where it was. They were then easy to locate, and what incredible trees they are, at least 120 feet tall and 4 feet plus diameter at the base. A 90 foot California redwood was also growing just 500 feet away.  A great day!