Cincinnati Spring Growing Update

Update of springtime progression.  The Growing Degree Day accumulation for CINCINNATI on 3/21/2015 is 37.  Cheviot OH is at 59.  the degree day calendar I posted uses weather data from Piketon, OH. Rural areas are colder and lag behind. My Cheviot OH location is within the Cincinnati urban heat island and is farther along as indicated.

Summary of Phenological Events


Species Phenological Event GDD Link
Silver Maple first bloom 34 Info
Species Event Growing Degree Days Link
CINCINNATI 37  (Cheviot OH is at 59)
Corneliancherry Dogwood first bloom 40 Info
Silver Maple full bloom 42 Info
Red Maple first bloom 44 Info
Speckled Alder first bloom 52 Info
Northern Lights Forsythia first bloom 58 Info
Japanese Pieris first bloom 60 Info
Red Maple full bloom 75 Info
Star Magnolia first bloom 83 Info
White Pine Weevil adult emergence 84 Facts
Border Forsythia first bloom 86 Info
Eastern Tent Caterpillar egg hatch 92 Facts
Manchu Cherry first bloom 93 Info
Northern Lights Forsythia full bloom 94 Info
Speckled Alder full bloom 97 Info
Corneliancherry Dogwood full bloom 98 Info Facts
Norway Maple first bloom 116 Info
Border Forsythia full bloom 116 Facts Photo
Chanticleer Callery Pear first bloom 123 Info
Sargent Cherry first bloom 127 Info
Larch Casebearer egg hatch 128 Facts
Japanese Pieris full bloom 129 Info
Saucer Magnolia first bloom 133 Info
Exotic Ambrosia Beetle first adult emergence 136
Common Floweringquince first bloom 137 Info
Bradford Callery Pear first bloom 142 Info
European Pine Sawfly egg hatch 144 Info
Weeping Higan Cherry first bloom 145 Info
PJM Rhododendron first bloom 147 Info
Norway Maple full bloom 149 Info
Chanticleer Callery Pear full bloom 149 Facts Facts Facts
Inkberry Leafminer adult emergence 150 Info
Star Magnolia full bloom 151 Pests Pests
Sargent Cherry full bloom 151 Info
Allegheny Serviceberry first bloom 153 Info
Spring Snow Crabapple first bloom 155 Info
Manchu Cherry full bloom 155 Info
Apple Serviceberry first bloom 159 Info
Spruce Spider Mite egg hatch 162 Info
Bradford Callery Pear full bloom 164 Facts
Allegheny Serviceberry full bloom 169 Info
Saucer Magnolia full bloom 174 Info
PJM Rhododendron full bloom 178 Info
Weeping Higan Cherry full bloom 179 Multiple Facts
Boxwood Psyllid egg hatch 179 Facts
Apple Serviceberry full bloom 182 Facts Facts
Common Chokecherry first bloom 182 Info
Koreanspice Viburnum first bloom 185 Info
Regent Serviceberry first bloom 186 Info
Japanese Flowering Crab first bloom 189 Info
White/Green Ash first bloom 190
Eastern Redbud first bloom 191 Info
Gypsy Moth egg hatch 192 Info
Donald Wyman Crabapple first bloom 197 Info
Snowdrift Crabapple first bloom 198 Info
Compact Garland Spirea full bloom 205
Koreanspice Viburnum full bloom 205 Facts
Azalea Lace Bug egg hatch 206 Info
Spring Snow Crabapple full bloom 209 Info
Viburnum Leaf Beetle first egg hatch 210
Carolina Silverbell first bloom 213 Info
Common Floweringquince full bloom 214 Info
Birch Leafminer adult emergence 215 Info
Coral Burst Crabapple first bloom 217 Iinfo
Regent Serviceberry full bloom 219 Facts
Elm Leafminer adult emergence 219 Facts
Common Chokecherry full bloom 221 Info
Alder Leafminer adult emergence 224 Info
Honeylocust Spider Mite egg hatch 227 Facts
Wayfaringtree Viburnum first bloom 229 Info
Honeylocust Plant Bug egg hatch 230 Facts
Sargent Crabapple first bloom 230 Info
Tatarian Honeysuckle first bloom 233 Info
Common Lilac first bloom 234 Info
Persian Lilac first bloom 240 Info
White/Green Ash full bloom 240
Ohio Buckeye first bloom 245 Info
Eastern Redbud full bloom 245 Facts
Snowdrift Crabapple full bloom 250 Info