Hot and dry weather beginning to stress plants

After a warm and wet June, the weather has turned hot and, in some cases, dry in July. 

While scattered showers have provided some relief, some areas have been missed.  Drying rates have been high due to the high temperatures and the effects of the hot, dry weather are showing up in some area landscapes.  It is important to water when the need arises, especially newer trees, shrubs, and transplants.  We saw one transplanted tree in severe moisture stress the other day.

How do I water and how often?

No matter what type of sprinkler you chose, or if you use a sprinkler system, it is essential that you measure the water applied. In the Cincinnati area, in areas with clay soil, it is best to water one to two inches at a time, once every seven to ten days in the absence of rainfall. This schedule should be adjusted to account for variations in temperature, natural rainfall, exposure of individual plants and the water needs of individual plants. Do not locate plants together if their water needs are dis-similar.

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