When Settled Global Warming Science Is Not

Let’s not do a disservice to our clients!

Most horticultural conferences any more have talks on global warming, warming climate zones, and the like. Yes, climate changes and, yes, man has some impact. However, I am not a fan of rapid changing of hardiness zones based on spurious suppositions on data and computer modeling. Last night, low temperature records were set at many sites in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Dayton sank to -13 and some parts of Indiana to near -20. A few years ago, -30 readings were recorded at central Kentucky locations. A record temperature is the lowest temperature ever recorded on a given date. Ever! Various speakers from Ohio State, Purdue, and at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Sustainability Day spend, in my opinion, too much time on the warming climate and incorrectly refer to it as settled science. It is not. Plant crape myrtle street trees in Mason, OH if you like (yes, that actually did happen a few years ago with 0% survival after one year). You will quickly find out settled science is anything but.