Very Dry May Means Watering Is Needed

May has been very warm and very dry.  Be certain newly planted landscape plants are watered a couple times a week.  Heavy rain in April left behind good soil moisture so lawns and established plants will be slow to dry out.  The cooler weather will be accompanied by low humidity and a drying breeze so water deficits will be accentuated.

How do you water and how often?

No matter what type of sprinkler you chose, or if you use a sprinkler system, it is essential that you measure the water applied. In the Cincinnati area, in areas with clay soil, it is best to water one to two inches at a time, once every seven to ten days in the absence of rainfall. This schedule should be adjusted to account for variations in temperature, natural rainfall, exposure of individual plants and the water needs of individual plants. Do not locate plants together if their water needs are dissimilar.

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