Spring 2017 Progression Similar To 2016

So, how is spring shaping up? As of March 29, Cincinnati was near 200 growing degree days. A year ago we were around 190 on the same date so we are close to where we were a year ago.

Growing Degree Days are a measurement of the growth and development of plants and insects during the growing season. Development does not occur at this time unless the temperature is above a minimum threshold value (base temperature). A base temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit is considered acceptable for all plants and insects.

Using phenology research, we can predict approximate bloom times and pest emergence with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Here is where we were as of this writing:

CINCINNATI – 3/29/2017 199

Compact Garland Spirea – Spirea x arguta full bloom 205

Koreanspice Viburnum – Viburnum carlesii full bloom 205

Azalea Lace Bug – Stephanitis pyrioides egg hatch 206

Spring Snow Crabapple – Malus x spring snow full bloom 209

Viburnum Leaf Beetle – Pyrrhalta viburni first egg hatch 210

Large Crabgrass – first seedling emergence 211

Carolina Silverbell – Halesia tetraptera first bloom 213

Common Floweringquince – Chaenomeles speciosa full bloom 214

Birch Leafminer – Fenusa pusilla adult emergence 215

Coral Burst Crabapple – Malus coralcole first bloom 217