20 Questions on Plant Diagnosis

by  Joe Boggs (Hamilton County) and Erik Draper (Geauga County), Ohio State University Extension Jim Chatfield, Sarah D. Ellis, and Michael J. Boehm, Department of Plant Pathology

Proper diagnosis of plant problems is a key factor in plant health management. As urban forester Alan Siewert quips: “Treatment without diagnosis, as in medicine, is malpractice.” Despite this, diagnostics is often not given adequate attention. There are three challenges to consider when embarking on plant problem diagnostics:

  • Some plant problems are very obvious, while other problems are very obscure.
  • Some plant problemswill not be diagnosedwith your first effort. In fact, some plant problems may never be fully diagnosed.
  • Clients usually want an immediate and clear cut answer which produces great pressure to provide a quick-draw, clear-cut diagnosis.

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