Feed your lawn. Feed it. Good luck with that!

We have all heard the lawn care ad with the tag line, “feed your lawn.  Feed it!”  Perhaps this is a technicality, but good luck with that!

You see, we don’t feed plants.  They feed themselves!  Plants produce their own food through photosynthesis.  Fertilizers provide some nutrients which can be utilized in the process.  Improper types or amounts of fertilizer, particularly the chemical fertilizers this company promotes, can sometimes increase the plant susceptibility to insects and disease, and weaken the grass plant overall.  That is why Arbor Doctor utilizes an organic fertilization approach which aids root development, increases plant cell wall thicknesses, and does not push growth.

To further complicate the picture, the lawn care company’s ads say lawns are “starving” this time of year and need to be fertilized.  Really?  Research shows the optimal time to provide fertilizer to lawns in our area is fall.  If lawns are starving this time of year, it is more because they haven’t been photosynthesizing so much, not that I think they are starving!  This does not mean you should turn your lawn care company away.

There are legitimate lawn care functions this time of year, including weed control, pre-emergents, and mild amounts of fertilizer.  However, be wary of any lawn care company promoting multiple springtime fertilizations and high nitrogen in the spring.  Low inputs and attention to good cultural practices is the most environmentally friendly approach to good lawn and landscape care.  Our partner, Turfman Lawn Care, does a good job at this balanced approach.