Tree and Shrub Care Programs

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Protect your landscape investment. Plant health care programs tailored to your landscape and administered by top industry professionals who care about you!

The key is foliar organic nutrients!

Trees and shrubs in urban landscapes have many disadvantages to those in undisturbed natural areas. uf-results-grapes-3The common issues we encounter include thin soils stripped of organic material, heavy compacted clay soils, reduced root growth zones due to construction, and poor drainage that creates water related issues. All of these issues cause stresses on trees and shrubs, which will shorten their life expectancy. Our method of treatment takes these factors into account. It’s important to understand that healthy plants rely on healthy soil. Unfortunately many commercial fertilizers damage, or even sterilize the soil. When your soil is damaged your plants become reliant for chemical products to maintain their health, requiring greater input of chemicals to maintain acceptable levels of health. The nutrients we use not only fertilizes, but also reverses soil degredation by reintroducing beneficial organisms to the soil. Increased beneficial biological activity in the soil results in healthier plants.

Why Plant Health Care?

The natural, organic nutrients we use are a fermented solution that contains living plant growth-promoting bacteria and fungal inoculants, macro and micro nutrients, and a selection of natural plant growth stimulants. When soil is properly balanced, microbes work underground for the plant and the plant feeds them in return. Plants thrive in soil teeming with these bacterial and fungal helpers. By it’s nature, the nutrients increase the physical and biological nutrient storage mechanisms in soils, mitigating risks of over-fertilization. The nutrients we use reverse soil degradation and bring the soil back into biological balance. The nutrients we use provide natural and sustainable plant nutrition; better access to nutrients, and improved resistance to pests and disease. The end result is strong and thriving trees and shrubs in your landscape.  Read more here.