Can Spring Be Far Behind?

It’s been a really cold winter. However, Silver Mapledespite that, we had a couple really warm days last week. Because of that, we have already accumulated 7-9 growing degree days in Cincinnati and 5 in Columbus. Silver maple comes into bloom at 34 degree days. This week is the coldest week of the winter. After this, we begin to slowly warm toward the first day of meteorological spring. We are already 7-9 growing degree days closer!

The GDD on 1/14 in previous years was:

    • 2017: 13
    • 2016: 2
    • 2015: 5
    • 2014: 2
    • 2013: 16
    • 2012: 8

Unlike the past few years, this year has been fairly consistently cold. High temperatures have been below freezing on 8 of 14 days. Lows have hit 0 or below 5 times, bottoming out at -7F. At least 1 inch of snow has been on the ground every day but 3 since Christmas Eve.

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