Cold then warm then…

As we look forward to warmer temps this week, Dayton (4.1 Fahrenheit) and Cincinnati (8.5F) had their coldest Jan 1-6 on record while Columbus (7.9) had its 2nd coldest Jan 1-6 on record.

Temperatures could peak near 60 by the middle of this week but don’t get too used to it.

A strong storm system will organize for late in the week then move east. It will begin

Day 3 image not availableas rain in Cincinnati on Friday and then things get interesting. It looks likely that this storm will turn into a big and nasty winter storm with severe storms over the south and heavy snow or even a blizzard to the northwest of the center. The $64,000 question is where will the storm track? It is too early to tell. However, significant impacts are possible in Cincinnati at this point.

Day 4 image not available

Stay tuned.

After a few days of more bitter cold next weekend, it should again turn warmer for a week or two before winter sets in again for February. Winter is in gear. It may go away for a bit but there is lot more winter to come and this weekend could be one installment.

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