Major Storm Late Week, Impacts In Any One Place Uncertain

A major weather system is headed toward the Ohio valley for the end of the week. After a brief January thaw, heavy rain will transition to a wintry mix then snow. Many are asking how much snow. At this point, it is impossible to say. It is worth noting that it is likely this storm will be crippling for someone in the heaviest snow area. It is just impossible to say who, although Cincinnati is in play at this point. Prepare for a major winter event but remain aware that it is too early to say exactly where. Be aware that travel may become difficult or impossible in the heaviest snow area and recovery may be slow. Areas just southeast of the heaviest snow could have significant sleet or ice while areas northwest of the heaviest snow will have lighter snow and wind. Heavy rain and flooding may also be possible before the snow with over 2 inches of liquid possible. What do we currently know? See below:

Day 3 image not available


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Here is our latest thinking on the potential for winter weather Friday into Saturday.