May Exceptionally Dry

US National Weather Service Wilmington OH

Final May rainfall numbers are in and it was dry! All three first order sites are below normal. Cincinnati 3.27″ below normal, Dayton 2.87″ below normal, and Columbus 0.61″ below normal. How much rain did you get?

US National Weather Service Wilmington OH's photo.
On the west side of Cincinnati it was even drier with just over an inch of rain the entire month!
Temperature Precipitation Wind estimated
Mean 67.6 Total 1.07 Mean Speed 7.322580645
Mean Maximum 78.3 24-hour Max. 0.32 High Wind Gust 35
Mean Minimum 57.0 Date(s) 26 Date
Precip. Days 6
Maximum 87 1″ Precip. Days 0 Pressure
Date(s) 8,11 Maximum 0.00
Minimum 41 Snowfall Date
Date(s) 13 Total 0.0 Minimum 29.89
24-hour Max. Date
Maximum Temperature Date(s)
90°F or higher 0 Max. Depth 0 Number of days with
32°F or lower 0 Date(s) Thunder 3
Fog 3
Minimum Temperature Hail 0
32°F or lower 0 Ice Pellets 0
0°F or lower 0 Damaging Winds 0