Shifting Weather Pattern, Much of what I expected and some I didn’t

There was no clear sign for this a couple weeks ago but it looks like the dam finally breaks over the next week with warmer air making it into the east and rain/snow making it into California. The active storm track and parade of storms continues as I thought. The one thing I didn’t know was what track the storms would take. The surprise is yet a second major storm in the south, now exiting. I said someone would get a memorable winter. So far, that’s Erie, PA, the Great Lakes and New England, and parts of the south. With an active storm track continuing, the Ohio valley is still in play. Heavier than normal precipitation is likely but precipitation type is a question mark, as expected.

Longer range forecasts seem to indicate the wet California weather may not last and eastern cold may eventually re-establish itself. The snowiest months of the year in Cincinnati are January, February, and March. Yes, even though March is warmer than December on average it averages more snow over the long term. Milder air can hold a lot of moisture and one dump of heavy, wet snow every few years can drive that average up.


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