Soil Moisture Condition Monitoring Report

 Station Number: OH-HM-24
Station Name: Cheviot 3.4 W
Report Date: 6/3/2017
Submitted: 6/03/2017 6:48 AM
Scale Bar: Mildly Wet
Rainfall over the past 7 days was actually below normal at 0.49 inch with very good drying rates. Soil moisture is still above normal after being severely wet just a week ago. Local plants, crops, or pastures are healthy, recovering from and draining from wet conditions. Areas of standing water have mostly dried up and most runoff from hillsides has stopped. Water logged areas of my yard were actually able to be mowed yesterday. Creeks and rivers are returning to normal levels. We finished May 12.26 inches ahead of the normal year to date rainfall. Annual rainfall of 31.27 inches compared to normal rainfall of 43 inches in an entire year!
Categories: General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife